A winning wedding showcase

A Winning Wedding Showcase

Having been responsible for the ongoing business development of a high profile wedding venue where, as a direct result of my involvement, bookings soared from 12 to 32 within a matter of months, I understand precisely how to create and host events aimed at attracting couples who are searching for the perfect wedding venue.

One such example of an extremely successful event that I created on behalf of another client, Yorkshire Yurts highlights some of the key considerations that simply cannot be overlooked when attempting to showcase a venue, precisely as prospective couples would expect to find it at their wedding.

Designed to inspire couples who were searching for a beautiful but quirky alternative to a traditional marquee wedding with fresh ideas, this particular event brought together a collection of some of Yorkshire’s finest wedding industry suppliers, who embraced the opportunity to demonstrate their talents.

Hand built to the highest quality and made with the finest natural products, Yorkshire Yurts are constructed from steam bent ash together with solid oak doors and coated with a heavy grade natural canvas.  Yurts are extremely versatile and are suitable for a variety of special occasions and events. The interior can be adapted to suit your needs and it is easy to see from this fine collection of images captured by Dominic Wright Photography why the talented team of stylists from Horticouture are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail.

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Throughout the day, corks popped as guests were offered champagne and canapes by Saunts whilst being entertained by Pianist David Robertshaw and Alexandra the Violinist who, for the first time ever, performed a breath-taking duet.

It was an honour to work alongside some truly inspiring people whose commitment clearly knows no boundaries.  The delighted expressions on the faces of the constant flow of visitors who attended said it all. The event was an unprecedented success!

“The showcase had a terrific impact on the business as a direct result of the number of enquiries and bookings it achieved. Thank you Helen for ensuring that it was such a success. We could not have done it without you.” Tom Sterne, Owner of Yorkshire Yurts



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A Winning Wedding Showcase – Focus On Showcasing Your Venue’s Features In Order To Attract New Business

This means you may need to speculate in order to accumulate. In other words, be prepared to invest in the event as opposed to making a profit from it.

A Winning Wedding Showcase – Engage Your Dream Team

Carefully select and collaborate with only THE BEST wedding industry suppliers. Offer your tried and tested partners the opportunity to showcase their products and services. In return they will enhance your offering in ways that you couldn’t possibly achieve without their support (not to mention considerable additional expense!)

A Winning Wedding Showcase – Create A Multi-Sensory Experience

The last thing any potential client hopes to experience during a visit to a wedding showcase is the feeling that they are being sold to.  Allow suppliers to promote their wares via an uninspiring white clothed trestle table at your peril! Offer visitors the chance not only to see but to touch, taste, hear and even smell the possibilities.  Don’t underestimate the power of this… I will ALWAYS adore the smell of wood smoke as it reminds me of the real fires I lit in order to ensure that I always offered an amazingly warm welcome whenever guests visited Rise Hall! Offer them a complimentary welcome drink, nibbles and entertainment and thank them for attending with a well stocked goody bag to take away.

A Winning Wedding Showcase – Shout About It

You must be prepared to  invest in promoting your event.  You will need to pay for some advertising, be it an advertisement in the local press or ads or boosted posts on social media. Leverage any relationships you have with on-line directories and industry blogs by sharing information about your event in plenty of time. Remember that your event will only be successful if it attracts NEW business. Promoting it ‘in-house’ to an audience of pre-existing enquiries and booked Brides is very courteous, but this is not going to help you to achieve the results you want.

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