Why I wish we'd hired a wedding planner




This is Alexandra.

Alexandra and Lee were married in July 2017.

Their wedding took place in the prestigious setting of Peckforton Castle, Cheshire and was attended by 110 guests.

Alexandra works in the wedding industry.

She and her electric violin captivate audiences throughout the UK and Europe by creating memorable and unique performances at weddings and special events.

We have worked together many times.


Why I wish we'd hired a wedding planner - Alexandra Playing Violin


I invest a great deal of time and effort in developing relationships with suppliers who I am pleased to recommend and particularly look forward to my catch-ups with Alexandra.

Always positive and optimistic, her talent is indisputable, her enthusiasm is infectious and with her engaging personality and big friendly smile, she has a tendency to light up a room and illuminate whoever happens to be present.

Besides being incredibly beautiful and talented, Alexandra is smart.

Alexandra is capable.

Alexandra is organised.

With all of this in mind, I was ever so slightly surprised when she called me recently to say…


“I wish we’d hired a Wedding Planner!”

During the animated conversation that followed, Alexandra shared some reflections of her own wedding day with me.

With her kind permission and in Alexandra’s own words, I am privileged to refer to her experience as the basis for some valuable insights here in this blog.


Why, oh why didn’t we?

“For longer than I’m prepared to admit, I had visualised the perfect wedding.

I knew precisely what I wanted and with Lee’s input and support, I assumed that we could handle all the preparations ourselves.

Having performed at so many weddings and with my knowledge of the wedding industry, I imagined that planning my own wedding would be relatively easy…. and FUN.

Besides which, I guess I just presumed that hiring a Wedding Planner would be expensive.”


Wedding planning isn’t always fun

“Contrary to what you might think, working with a Wedding Planner doesn’t necessarily involve outsourcing your entire wedding OR considerable additional expense.

In actual fact it can be way more cost effective than you might imagine and if you are really smart about it, you can cherry pick the best bits for yourself – such as researching floral and cake designs – whilst delegating the less exciting tasks.

Such as organising guest transport, reviewing supplier contracts, keeping track of payments and managing the timings of your day.

The very best Wedding Planners operate collaboratively with you and will be experienced enough to identify from the outset precisely how much help and support you need.

For instance, you might only need a helping hand to get your wedding plans started or on the day co-ordination.

Even if you do need to lean on them to arrange the whole shebang, they won’t take over.

Quite simply, you get the chance to focus on the fun stuff whilst someone else takes care of the more mundane and less exciting bits, leaving nothing to chance.”


I needed someone impartial to guide me

“Well meaning friends and family members are not necessarily the best people to help you.

They tend to tell you what they think you want to hear.

I wanted brutally honest opinions about some of the things that were most important to me.

My Mum was no longer around to be a sounding board and I didn’t have anyone I felt I could call when I was fretting about a minor detail without concerns that they might say I was overthinking things and make me feel a little bit silly.

Consequently, I made some decisions that I wasn’t entirely happy with.

Carrying out supplier research and shopping with a professional Wedding Planner would have relieved so much unnecessary anxiety and stress.”


Finding the right suppliers is not easy

“If you are very lucky, you will only plan one wedding in your lifetime, whereas an experienced professional Wedding Planner may already have planned hundreds.

There simply is no substitute for this experience and as a result of the way in which they will undoubtedly have invested time and effort in building relationships with their invaluable directory of contacts, you can expect them to make sound and reliable recommendations.

The best Wedding Planners only recommend suppliers who they know and trust and will never force you to engage anyone who you are not completely happy with.

They know what to look for, even if you don’t.

They’ll gather all of the necessary information on your behalf enabling you to make informed decisions, saving you heaps of time, stress AND money.

I lost track of how many e-mails I sent and phone calls I made to certain suppliers during those precious few weeks before the wedding.

When I should have been enjoying the final stages of the preparations, I was tired and irritable.”


Wedding Planning absorbs a huge amount of time

“No matter how organised a person you are, planning your own wedding is an extremely time consuming exercise.

And if you are attempting to fit it in alongside a job or running a business, hobbies, an active social life, family commitments and perhaps even child care, you will probably find yourself procrastinating, only to rush into making decisions that you may not be entirely happy with.

Working with a Wedding Planner ensures that you and your wedding plans remain on track.

Indeed, the support you receive throughout the planning process can be priceless because it allows you to continue spending time doing things which are important to you and enables you to achieve all of the things you want to without compromising.”


The devil really is in the detail

“With so many loose ends to tie up during the final frantic few weeks before the wedding including questions from the venue and numerous suppliers, numbers and details to confirm, invoices to pay and queries from guests I wish I’d had an experienced person to help me.

I vividly remember waking up at night thinking about what would happen if something went wrong?

A Wedding Planner could have handled all of those things, leaving me to sleep soundly which would have been amazing.”


A Wedding Planner ensures that your wedding day runs perfectly

“Whilst getting ready on my wedding day I really needed someone beside me who truly understood what I wanted instead of thinking about what they wanted or what they thought would be good for me.

Please think about this when selecting your Bridesmaids.

Mine were amazing but I have heard so many horror stories! I suspect that very few would confess to caring more about your appearance at the crucial moments than they do their own, which can lead to tension and that is the last thing you need.


When suppliers are arriving and need direction, whilst the venue staff are busy taking care of their own priorities, a Wedding Planner gives you peace of mind by ensuring that everyone is precisely where they need to be and at the right time.

If your venue is in a rural location, you may not have access to WIFI or even a mobile phone signal which potentially makes keeping in touch with suppliers on the morning of your wedding very difficult.


Despite what I thought was meticulous planning on our part, there wasn’t a detailed schedule or a timeline for the day or anyone in particular appointed to manage it.

As a result, we didn’t get all of the photographs we wanted.

We set time aside after dinner and speeches but the speeches went on for so long that we missed out.

A Wedding Planner helps you to anticipate and avoid potential pitfalls just like this.”


“It won’t cost you anything to contact Helen Davies to find out about her services and pricing. It could be your best route to a more enjoyable, more memorable, less stressful, less time consuming and less costly experience.  Here’s to happier wedding planning!”

Alexandra Clothier, aka Alexandra the Violinist


Contact Helen via telephone : 01482 871053 or 07561 107888

E-mail : helen@withhelendavies.com

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