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This afternoon, I discovered the perfect antidote to the prospect of the January blues when I took a little road trip to visit The Bothy, a luxurious beauty and wellness salon on the outskirts of York.


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Here, Amanda, Amelia and their small but incredibly passionate and committed team focus on beauty treatments and experiences that make you feel positive inside and out.

By using products, technology and techniques that are at the forefront of health and botanical innovation.

Each treatment is tailor made to your needs, to make you look and feel your best – whatever your age!


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At this time of year, we could all do with a little TLC…. whether we’ve overdone it a little and our skin is dehydrated as a result of too much alcohol (Lord knows it is hard to resist having one too many over the festive period!) or the combination of cold weather and central heating is simply taking its toll.

However, it is a particular concern for a Bride who is preparing to GLOW on her special day.

Those of you planning Winter weddings need to take good care of yourself through the colder months.

Investing more time and effort in your health and beauty regime not only prepares your skin but can also help to ward off bugs.

Nobody wants to have a streaming cold or chapped lips on their big day.

I was greeted by Jess and instantly put at ease, thanks to her welcoming smile.

Following a brief chat during which she gleaned what she needed to know about my skin type, I was whisked into a cosy treatment room for an utterly indulgent bespoke facial.

Having explained to Jess that I had concerns about my skin’s elasticity and the probability that it is perhaps a little dehydrated, she reassured me that this treatment was all about rejuvenation and the restoration of my skin’s natural vitality….

It was almost as though she didn’t realise she already had me at ‘Hello’!


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Besides the ambient atmosphere of the treatment room, I was comforted by soothing music, a temperature controlled mattress and wrapped in at least a couple of layers of super-soft fabric.

The use of micro-current technology during the facial ensured a deeper exfoliation and helped activate the products to penetrate the skin layers as deeply as possible, giving the most effective results.

I left The Bothy feeling relaxed, revitalised and ready to face the New Year – with a smile on my face, a spring in my step and incredibly smooth and radiant skin.

I am confident that for any potential visitor to The Bothy, Amanda and Amelia’s promise will be fulfilled.

The Bothy takes its name from the stone shelters built on mountain sides for protection from a storm.

Take refuge in The Bothy and you will be welcomed into their ‘tribe’.

This is a luxurious environment where every day feels better.

With love and thanks to Amanda, Amelia and Jess,


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