If you have found the perfect wedding venue but are struggling to source all the resources you need, the Essentials of wedding planning is the perfect solution for you.

Perhaps you live remotely from your venue?  You might even be preparing to host your wedding in a marquee at home?

The Essentials connects you with ALL the vendors you’ll need.

You’ll also have unlimited access to Helen throughout the wedding planning process, ensuring you never lose sight of your wedding planning goals.

Wedding Planning Essentials


Following an initial Inspiration Hour with Helen, you’ll have access to her extensive directory of time-served and trusted contacts.

Choosing all the vendors you need to create your perfect day is one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of planning a wedding. Ideally, you want to create a harmonious team who will work cohesively in your best interests. But this is only easy when you know how!

Having gained a clear understanding of your vision, wishes and desires, Helen will advise you on ALL the resources you’ll need. She will then source and negotiate with vendors who she knows and trusts, and who she believes will care sufficiently about you. In doing so, she will guide you to ensure you are able to optimise your budget and minimise the risk of making costly mistakes which you may otherwise later regret.

With Helen’s support, ALL the vendors you engage and their style, personalities and products will be the right fit for you and your vision.

Wedding Planning Essentials


Besides regular scheduled progress calls, Helen uses sophisticated online project management software, delivering real time updates and prompts directly to your mobile device.

Working with Helen is exactly like having a wedding P.A who ensures that absolutely no aspect of your wedding is overlooked. This enables you to relax and enjoy the best bits without being burdened by the more mundane tasks you know you are unlikely to have time to deal with.

Not unlike any memorable journey, it all begins with a few simple steps;


Your wedding is a celebration of your story as a couple. The extent to which Helen understands this has a significant bearing on her ability to personalise the experience for you and your guests. She will seek to understand the experiences you have enjoyed together so far as well as your vision for the perfect day and the level of support and assistance you need to achieve this. You can expect her to demonstrate a level of competence, expertise and passion which inspires and excites you as you embark upon this life changing journey together.



Irrespective of how much money you are comfortable spending on your wedding, Helen will provide the appropriate guidance to ensure that your priorities are identified and your overall budget is allocated correctly. She will provide you with supporting tools to enable you to calculate and manage your overall spend.



This is arguably the most time-consuming aspect of planning a wedding, with so many suppliers to engage!

Where to start? Who to trust? Fear not! Helen’s contact directory is a priceless resource, guaranteed to save you heaps of time, energy and stress.

Having taken into consideration all of your requirements and carried out the necessary research, Helen will present to you a number of available options which meet your criteria. Then, during meetings and consultations with vendors, she will ask all the questions you may not even think of, ensuring you avoid any pitfalls you may otherwise encounter.



Above all, Helen’s job is to help you to prepare for your perfect day. She will be accountable for making sure your priorities are taken care of and that absolutely nothing is overlooked.



Around six weeks before the wedding is when the real fun begins, when it is time to finalise every detail.  With Helen Davies, you can relax in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of.

You will not need to worry about responding to the endless e-mails and calls that you would otherwise have to deal with if you were planning your wedding yourselves.

Helen will ensure that all of the necessary conversations with vendors take place, arrangements will be finalised and a detailed wedding day plan will be created and circulated to everyone involved. This results in everyone knowing precisely what is expected of them and when, enabling you to relax and ENJOY the build up to your perfect day.



From the point at which the first vendor arrives on the day, Helen will be the single point of contact for you and everyone else involved.

Besides overseeing the logistics of the day and managing all of your vendors, she will also take care of details which include but are not limited to correctly pinning on buttonholes, ensuring members of your Bridal party, Groomsmen and Ushers understand their roles, cueing music for your ceremony and making any necessary announcements. You can read more about On The Day Co-Ordination on this blog.



In addition to all the organisation and communication (and stress relief), Helen will also work very hard to deliver exceptional value for money in relation to each and every aspect of your wedding.

Whilst some wedding and event planners earn commission from the vendors they source and recommend on your behalf, Helen chooses to charge a fixed fee and will focus on generating as much additional value for you as possible.

Often, the suppliers she recommends recognise the fact that she is actively referring business to them. They may offer additional products or services on a complimentary basis, thereby generating and delivering exceptional value to you.

A good example of this is a Photographer offering to extend a standard package by including a pre-wedding photo-shoot, second shooter or to stay for a few additional hours after your first dance free of charge or a Caterer offering complimentary canapes.

Wedding Planning Essentials

The precise total financial benefit is not easy to quantify from the outset, but it is estimated that it could easily equate to approximately 10% of your overall budget. Helen will certainly work very hard on your behalf to achieve this.

At the very least, ALL of the suppliers who are recommended to you would be expected to go the extra mile for you, not only because they want to delight you, but because they also need to please Helen – which ultimately works in your favour.

In a nutshell, you are able to leverage her position in the market and the relationships she has with so many UK based wedding industry suppliers to your advantage.

Wedding Planning Essentials