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As a customer relationship specialist I am committed to helping wedding venues achieve better results.

With years of experience and knowledge as a wedding expert who is regularly engaged by couples to assist them in finding the perfect wedding venue, I often find myself waxing lyrical about what any self respecting wedding venue should be doing in order to achieve maximum appeal.

During meetings with couples and wedding industry suppliers over recent months I have sought their opinions in relation to what makes a winning wedding venue.

Here in this blog, I summarise my findings.

If you are a couple who wish to save time, stress and money as you embark upon your wedding planning journey or you are a wedding venue owner in need of some priceless advice and support to grow your business, please read on.


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Without doubt, the very BEST wedding venues are renowned and celebrated for;


The ability to understand precisely what a venue’s offering consists of is THE most important consideration for any couple facing the potential dilemma of where to host the most important day of their lives.

It is vital that this is communicated clearly, concisely and consistently.

If a venue’s website, social media channels and printed marketing literature are not aligned and underpinned by a set of key messages which clearly define its proposition, it is likely that the experience it delivers will (at best!) be ambiguous.

  • If a venue claims to be unique, how well does it articulate its ‘story’?
  • How clear is its pricing strategy?
  • Precisely what is and is not included?
  • How much freedom and flexibility is available?
  • What are the contractual obligations and non-negotiables?
  • Are there any restrictions imposed? (e.g on noise levels, live music, fireworks, outside catering or smoke machines).
  • What experience can a prospective client expect to have as a result of the service they will receive throughout the planning process?


Investing in and engaging the very best personnel to represent a wedding venue has to be one of the primary considerations for any owner because people DO buy people first.

Evidently, irrespective of the bricks and mortar in question and the beauty of its setting, it is the personality, reliability, knowledge, experience, passion and pride demonstrated by the person conducting the initial show-round that determines whether or not a couple will even think about returning for a second look.

For continuity, the extent to which the same person is available throughout the planning process and on the day is also key.

After all, TRUST is an essential ingredient in any successful relationship.

I have yet to meet a Bride or Groom who enjoys being passed around like a hot potato.

The extent to which a business invests in recruiting, engaging and training the best person for this job will ultimately influence its long term success.

In the absence of an in-house wedding expert or customer relationship specialist, can the venue recommend an experienced, independent Wedding Planner?

The best wedding venues communicate proactively with their clients throughout the planning process and are highly responsive – not merely reactive – to their needs.

They recognise, regardless of the volume of weddings they host, that delivering a personal service and paying specific attention to each individual couple ensures they do not fall into the dreaded ‘conveyor belt’ trap.

Considering the number of suppliers involved in a wedding, the quality of the overall customer experience extends far beyond that which the venue itself provides.

The standard of service promised by a venue should be complimented and enhanced by ALL of the suppliers it recommends.

Testimonials referring to this should be visible on the venue’s website and social media.

How collaboratively the venue works with its suppliers is an extremely important question that should be on the mind of any Bride or Groom who are planning the perfect day.

Ultimately, they deserve to be surrounded by a ‘dream team’ whose shared aim is to create an unforgettable experience for them and their guests.

Examples of this should be visible in the venue’s marketing literature, on its website and social media posts.

The five star reviews that should be scattered across Facebook and various directory listings such as Hitched.co.uk should be backed up by beautiful imagery featured on numerous Photographers’ and Bridal blogs, as well as Instagram and Pinterest.

Besides showcasing and reinforcing the venue’s promise this also serves as a bountiful source of inspiration for any Bride or Groom to be.


Of course, there are many other factors which determine the feasibility of a wedding venue;

  • Location, location, location
  • Capacity
  • Availability of secure and convenient car parking
  • Access – particularly for any guests with disabilities or mobility issues
  • Availability of guest accommodation and the option for an extended stay
  • Availability of licensed indoor and/or outdoor space for a wedding ceremony, photo-opportunities and guest entertainment
  • The extent to which the layout of the venue facilities the smooth flow of a wedding day
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Bar facilities
  • Catering facilities
  • Style – does the venue speak for itself or require dressing?
  • Convenient transport links
  • Availability of taxis


If you are a newly engaged couple who are embarking on your wedding planning journey and require some advice, support and recommendations to help you find the perfect wedding venue, an hour with me could be all the help you need.

Alternatively, if you are a venue owner wishing to clearly define your proposition and polish your customers’ experience with a view to growing your business by taking more bookings, please get in touch.

Contact me via telephone : 07561 107888 or 01482 871053

E-mail : helen@withhelendavies.com

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